Private Yoga

Would you like to work with me one-on-one? 


I offer 1-1 private yoga sessions for various levels and interests.


My specialities include:


Restorative Yoga: A practice that facilitates profound relaxation. We use multiple props to bring the body into a state of 100% comfort, ease and support. This practice is designed to recalibrate and reset the nervous system. It can help us process and release the stress in our lives, and tension stored in our bodies.


Yin Yoga: The practice of Yin Yoga is a sweet coming together of traditional Indian Yoga and Chinese medicine principles. At a Yin Yoga 1-1 with me you can expect long holds of poses, creating strong sensations of stretch in the muscles and releasing tension in the connective tissue. Welcome in the soft and relaxing energy of Yin to your body and mind as you unwind in the stillness and quiet of this practice. A meditative practice of slowing down and going in, it can ease stress and anxiety as well as aid sleep. 


Beginners Yoga: I can share with you the foundations of a yoga practice, the physical alignment of each pose, the transformative power of our breath and how to go about beginning to meditate. Together we can find a yoga practice that works for you, whether that be as a form of your daily exercise, to improve flexibility, to recover from injury, or to integrate into a personal healing journey.


Vinyasa: I am trained in Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga practices and I can offer a program of strong and dynamic sequences to strengthen, stretch and balance the body and the mind. 


45 mins: £40

1 hour: £45

90 mins: £60

Gift vouchers available.

Option to come out to your home, or visit my space for your sessions. Virtual classes also available.