Digital Detox Yoga Retreats

Off Grid's vision is to offer the ultimate breathing space, an exquisite 'switch-off' through digital detox Yoga retreats. Journey off grid to unique locations in beautiful rural Scotland, retreat from the constant barrage of communication from the outside world, and come together with like-minded souls for an experience of a lifetime. Immerse yourself in daily Yoga practices, meditation, nourishing plant-based meals, mindful hikes, paddle boarding, wild swimming- or simply enjoy the freedom and head space our retreats facilitate. 


The Ultimate Reset

Currently, we run the retreats seasonally. 

Head to our website to see the next available retreat.

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Let Go

“Simply put, humans are not wired to be constantly wired.”

- Cal Newport, Digital Minimalism.

We intend our retreats to be the detox you need to re-align yourself with what you truly want and who you truly are- beneath the noise.

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