Welcome to my website, my name is Lizzie and I'm a Yoga teacher, Retreat Host, Entrepreneur and musician, based in Scotland. I am a performer and extrovert with a contrasting passion and calling for quiet and introspective practices.

Through discovering Yoga in my teenage years, I finally found a practice and energetic space to dive into my spirituality that felt right for me. To me, yoga is a practice of grounding and acceptance, of feeling at home in your own skin, as well as a practice of growth; of gaining perspective and the breathing space I need in this modern busy world.


I studied Music at Durham University, which led me to taking my PGDE to teach music to young people. Music is my first love and singing most definitely my soul's loudest call. Except that is, my passion for bringing people together in tech-free, nature immersion retreats.

My retreat company, OFF GRID Yoga Retreats offers a unique retreat experience for those looking to disconnect from their devices and re-align. Whether we're wasting time or obliged to spend time on smart phones and tablets, the detrimental effects device addiction and reliance has on our mental and even physical wellbeing as individuals, and as a collective, is stark and serious. 

Off Grid's vision is to offer the ultimate breathing space, an exquisite 'switch-off' through digital detox Yoga retreats. Journey off grid to unique locations in beautiful rural Scotland, retreat from the constant barrage of communication from the outside world, and come together with like-minded souls for an experience of a lifetime. Immerse yourself in daily Yoga practices, meditation, nourishing plant-based meals, mindful hikes, paddle boarding, wild swimming- or simply enjoy the freedom and head space our retreats facilitate. 

“Simply put, humans are not wired to be constantly wired.”

- Cal Newport, Digital Minimalism.

I have been teaching Yoga, mostly in the Edinburgh community, for over 4 years now, having trained and initially taught in Copenhagen, Denmark. I have furthered my training through my teacher, Eva Maxine Hamilton, taking her Yin Yoga and Restorative YTTs, which have allowed me to dive deeper into this introspective approach to living. Through a committed Yoga practice and a strong belief that my inner world is what determines my outer world, I am on a journey of self-creation and really waking up to life. My intention is to share what I have experienced to work for me with the belief that it could work for you. 

I also offer private 1-1 yoga sessions, as well as teach both my own live Yoga classes and share practices through local studios. I also hold self-care retreats and seasonal ritual ceremonies with my dear friend, and author, Noelle Harrison.  And you can find all this and more through taking a stroll through the rest of my website.