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Yoga: Back to Basics Workshop

2 hour at-home workshop for those who are new to Yoga or those who have lost their mojo with their practice. Recorded workshop and Beginner's Yoga E-Book. £15.

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Yin Yoga for WFH Fatigue Workshop

2 Hour workshop including Yin Yoga techniques to help relieve common symptoms of sitting at a screen all day. £15.

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Welcome to this digital corner of my world. 
My name is Lizzie McGhee and I am a Yoga Teacher, Retreat Host and wellness enthusiast based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Specialising in Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and self-massage practices, I share a holistic practice with my students and retreat guests, with the intention of bringing each student back to their essence, back to who they truly are, beneath the noise of life. 

I am also the founder of OFF GRID Yoga Retreats, a digital detox yoga retreat company, facilitating unique tech-free vacations.

Practice with me online via or in-person in studios in Edinburgh, or contact me for a personalised private yoga session.

Remember, rest is productive. Slow down, and notice how beautiful life really is. 

Rest and Rise

Your simple & reliable online self-care platform. Gentle morning practices and a monthly deluxe restorative evening retreat.

with Lizzie and Noelle


Rest and Rise is an online platform offering weekly morning practices designed to start your day gently, connecting to yourself and dropping into your body.

All of our online practices are accessible to everyone.

Guided by Lizzie McGhee and Noelle Harrison, Rest and Rise aims to inspire you to move through your days with intention, clarity and authentic self-expression.


From Monday to Thursday inclusive we invite you to join us each morning to practice with us.

Our weekly classes will also be available on live replay if you miss a session and wish to practice on a different day.

And on the last Sunday of every month, we invite you to join us for a deluxe restorative retreat each one specially created to time with the seasons.



Off Grid offers the ultimate breathing space, an exquisite 'switch-off' through digital detox Yoga retreats. Our retreats are hosted by Lizzie McGhee, experienced Yoga Teacher and visionary behind our detox concept. Journey off grid to unique locations in beautiful rural Scotland, retreat from the constant barrage of communication from the outside world, and come together with like-minded souls for an experience of a lifetime. Immerse yourself in daily Yoga practices, meditation, nourishing plant-based meals, mindful hikes, paddle boarding, wild swimming- or simply enjoy the freedom and head space our retreats facilitate. 

“Simply put, humans are not wired to be constantly wired.”

- Cal Newport, Digital Minimalism.


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1-1 with Lizzie

Ranging from one off sessions to blocks of classes. Lizzie will personalise your Yoga Practice to suit your needs, wants and interests